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The Cole & Stacy Sawyer Memorial Foundation

The Cole and Stacy Sawyer Memorial Foundation was founded in February 2016, and is a 501(c)3 charity for nonprofit.

Mission Statement

The mission of this foundation is to celebrate of the lives of Cole and Stacy Sawyer; to pursue Stacy’s dream of helping to fund a permanent camp home for children whose lives have been affected by pediatric cancer, serious illnesses, those with disabilities and other children of the South Carolina Midlands who are in need.

Our Hope

  • Our hope is that our facility will bring people together.
  • Our hope is that our facility allows children and adults to no longer feel alone in their struggle,
    whatever that struggle might be.
  • Our hope is that our facility provides a safe retreat for all people.
  • Our hope is that our facility provides a place where people can go where they get experience everlasting friendships.
  • Our hope is that our facility involves the community, because the people make the facility.

The Foundation

The idea for the foundation came from the belief, “serve one another in love.”  Cole and Stacy truly embodied this belief.  With Cole and Stacy’s memory in mind, the Sawyers began to look for a way to give back to the community.  After much research, it was clear that building a facility that would serve as a camp for children in need, as well as a place where adults could come to seek tranquility, was an ideal way to serve others using an abundance of love. The money we raise will go towards building a facility and needs for that facility.  The facility will be housed in the South Carolina Midlands area.

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